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How to Make Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing Your Part-Time Money-Maker or Full-Time Business

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Let’s face it. Life is expensive these days. Rent, food, car, gas, utilities – they all cost an arm and leg. Meanwhile jobs pay as little as possible with raises that are rare or non-existent.

You may be struggling just to make ends meet with nothing left to afford extras or a better life. Let’s change that now!

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Here are Jordan Alexo Results

What Are SPMM Students Saying?

Isaiah, USA – SPMM Student

“Self-publishing money machine has helped me in a lot of ways. One of the biggest things is that the first modules will really test your paradigm and make you think of life from a different perspective, but for great reason. It has turned me into a more savvy businessman, not only how to act like one but thinks like one as well. I thought it was rocket science to publish a book until I got my hands on SPMM.

Jordan clearly lays out the directions to make sure you publish your first high-quality book and make sure it sells like hotcakes. And that’s exactly what happened when I published my first book. No fluff no gimmicks, just pure action-based modules that you can easily follow. There’s nothing like SPMM out there.”


Giovanni, Italy – Self-Publisher Online Entrepreneur

“I’ve been one of the first lucky members to enter in Jordan Alexo’s course about Kindle publishing.
Honestly, a big surprise for me because I was following Jordan on his YouTube channel and I always asked him which secret he got to reach similar results with just a few books…

As a beginner in that period, I’d probably discovered the best channel, because Jordan cares a lot the part on keyword research, content creation, and so on. Not only, he cares a lot about everything.

In his course, I found every section meticulously explained in every detail. I never imagined that I could find keywords in certain ways… he is a genius!

If you want to start the right way and scale your publishing business fastly, Jordan Alexo’s course is all you need.

I keep improving my results month after month. You are about to learn everything I know to achieve the same level of success or more with self-publishing.

Complete Course with 7 Essential How-To Lessons and More Than 70 Fascinating Videos


My exciting new course gives you a complete step-by-step system for easily publishing ebooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks on Amazon. You will learn how to get a no-cost Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account.

But we don’t stop there. I will show you how to uncover the most in-demand topics that are just begging for best-selling Kindle Books.

This is extremely important. You don’t want to be one of the thousands of below-average Kindle Publishers who post book after book that NO ONE wants.

They may sell one to two ebooks at the beginning, but nothing more. These hapless publishers lower their price to a buck, then make their titles free, just trying to get some sales. But it doesn’t work!

Why? They spent all their time writing on a topic that is already flooded with titles or not many people care about. They are doomed to failure before they even start.

We won’t let that happen to you. Right from the very beginning of the course, I teach you how to build a red hot profit machine destined for success.



Discover the Money Machine Mindset that instantly makes you think like a publishing mogul


How to put your book together, no experience needed


Get access to our mastermind. Where you may connect with other like-minded individuals and get expert help from Jordan Alexo


Learn about vital keywords needed for red hot sales


Step-by-step tutorial on publishing


How to nail down enthusiastic reader reviews that send your book titles to the top of Amazon And MUCH More!

Learn My Fool Proof Method for Finding Ultimate Profit Niches That Always Sell

This really is the key to making money on Amazon or anywhere else in the publishing industry. Find the right titles and your books are practically guaranteed to fly off the shelves and set download records.

That’s why we focus on Non-Fiction books rather than fiction novels. Sure, a limited number of novels sell in the millions, but that’s an extremely difficult market to get started in.

Non-Fiction books tell how to do something or give information about a topic. This kind of teaching, explaining, and training is at the very root of what has always powered the Internet. Men and women worldwide jump online to learn about things, get answers, find solutions and create a better life for themselves.

They will pay Big Prices by the THOUSANDS to get that information created by you and sold in your highly popular Kindle Books.

Amazon - The Hottest Sales Platform in World HISTORY!


Amazon broke sales records during the recent pandemic. They didn’t just have an increase in sales, Amazon DOMINATED retail-like nothing the world has ever seen.

In the US alone, a full 80% of the population now has an Amazon Prime membership. That’s simply stunning! Nothing has ever reached that extraordinary level of popularity and usage anywhere in the world at any time in recorded history.

In short, Amazon is THE place to sell. BILLIONS of shoppers with cash to spend are browsing through the site 24/7. You have an UNLIMITED opportunity to profit and profit BIG.

You just have to know how. I show you step-by-step in easy language anyone can immediately master in my 7 big fat lessons and 70 fascinating videos. It’s perfect for learning in your spare time, during your lunch break, or on weekends.

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